Shimano Aero 4000 FA


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Drag: 10kg

Bearings: 3 + 1

Capacity: 16lb / 250yds

Ratio: 4.8 : 1

Weight: 330gr

Front Drag

A big feature of the Aero reels is the oversized spool size, which effectively increases the speed of the line retrieve.

The Aero reels also house a few of Shimano’s great reel technologies including X-Ship, Aero Wrap II, and Floating Shaft II.

X-Ship stands for extra smooth and high powered, which refers to the gearing inside the reel. By implementing a bigger drive gear the reel increases efficiency under load due to the increased leverage, resulting in an ultra light handle rotation.

Aero Wrap II is a worm gear oscillation system that uses optimal speeds for the AR-C lip design. It ensures the line is uniformly lay on the reel spool with a winding shape to prevent loss of energy during a cast.

The Floating shaft II is basically a reduction in the contact between the drive shaft and the pinion, which effectively reduces friction and in turn, increases reel efficiency and durability.

The Aero reels also come with a spare spool, which is always handy!

Weight 600 g


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