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Seaspin Eja 130 Bullet Blue Ayu


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Length: 130mm

Weight: 28gr

Colour: Blue Ayu

Hooks: size4 (x3)

Diving depth: 90-130m

Jerkbait sinking

Even if you wanted … you wouldn’t be able to do without it!

  • Jerk minnow sinking.
  • ABS Body – Length: 5” – Weight: 1 oz. Depth range: 2.5’-4.3’.
  • Inner armor and treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X, n°3 #4.
  • Good for a large number of marine predators. Moving inner weights for long casting , a
    basic lure in difficult wind and sea conditions.
  • Always in fishing even from high spots, perfect for trolling too.

It is a sinking jerk, It has a characteristic movement in the water, vigorous and dynamic but at the same time pleasantly fluid. Very effective even only on active linear retrieve , it swims perfectly with strong lateral currents.
Irresistible if animated with rhythmic jerks, especially in stop-and-go phases.
It can be retrieved in a wide range of speeds and can also be used perfectly for trolling.
It allows you stay in fishing effortlessly even when the marine weather conditions do not allow you to use most of the baits you have in your box and you can feel comfortable in managing the prey thanks to the reinforced and larger treble hooks compared to the floating model.
In practice you “simply” have the right bait at the right time, the one that allows you to fish when the others are useless………What do you say?

Weight 50 g


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