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Daiwa J-Braid X8 150m 0.20mm Multicolour


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Diametre: 0.20mm

Breaking Strength: 13kg  / 29lb

PE: 2

Length: 150m

Colour: Multicolour

Designed and made in Japan, J-Braid 8x has been designed and made in Japan to offer remarkable give and super low friction. Thanks to its reinforced build and 8-strand structure, J-Braid has superb knot strength and excellent resistance to abrasion. What’s more, the round profile cuts through the wind for improved casting accuracy and bite detection. Simply unbelievable value for money!

The chartreuse yellow colour is ideal for coloured water or delicate setups requiring visual tracking of the line (e.g. deadbaiting, vertical, rockfishing).

The green edition is a real all-rounder and comes in a wide range of diameters.

The multicoloured braid is ideal for sea lure work and in particular jigging and bay jigging styles. Change of colour every 10m.


Weight 300 g


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