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Seapin Mommotti 190S ACC


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Mommotti 190

Length: 190mm

Weight: 34gr

Colour: ACC

Hooks: size4 (x3)

Diving depth: 60-90cm

Silent sinking jerk minnow

When conditions are to the limit…

  • Long Jerk minnow sinking.
  • ABS Body – Length: 7.4” – Weight: 1 1/5 oz. Depth range: 2’-3’.
  • Inner armor and reinforced treble hooks, super sharp saltwater resistant, 3X strong – n°3 #4. Moving inner weights for long casting
  • Essential for capturing a large number of marine predators.
  • The ultimate solution with difficult wind and sea conditions

Mommotti 190 is the essential long jerk when you are facing difficult wind and sea conditions. It was designed specifically to provide very long casts even against headwinds, often off-limits condition for many traditional lures. Very refined the “fin” on the back, as well as having a stabilizing role, vaguely recalls the garfish physiognomy. Compared to the smaller models of the series it has reinforced treble hooks and lip. The ability of this elongated jerk to superior casts has been achieved thanks to a weight of 34 g. Excellent perform with wide jerks, and also with cross-currents. Suitable for all species of predators, but in particular for bluefish, sea bass and barracuda. The slight curvature in its ventral part creates a unique and more disordered swimming extremely capturing in particular during jerking action.

Weight 100 g


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