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Duo Tide Vib Slim 140 RED HEAD


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Length: 140mm (5-1/2in)

Weight: 32g (1-1/8oz)

Type: Sinking (Fixed Weight)

Hook: Front #3, Rear #4

A new generation of slim vibration lures with top body strength

It is equipped with the range controllability and a tight pulsating effect which minnows do not have. The Tide Vib Slim is a new generation of vibration type lure with a slim form though with plenty of weight and body strength. It is up to the angler where s/he may want to use it, whether it be the pier, the surf, off the rocks, off-shore, etc. Choose your own target and we are confident that this lure will produce you results in the salt water scene.

Weight 75 g


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